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Drake’s bold fashion statement with Vava

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Drake has recently taken the internet by storm with his latest fashion choice, becoming the talk of the town as the “final boss of baggy pants.” The hip-hop mogul’s ensemble, featuring a cream T-shirt, a casually draped sweater, a brown braided belt, and notably baggy tan pleated trousers, has sparked widespread online discussion and meme creation.

The designer behind Drake’s look

Amidst the buzz, the question on everyone’s lips was the designer behind these statement pieces. The answer is Vava, a brand believed to be Drake’s private clothing label, which stands for Virgil Abloh Vison Always. This label is a tribute to the late fashion icon Virgil Abloh, with whom Drake has frequently shown solidarity. Vava’s collection includes the basic tee, cable knit sweater, and the talked-about pleated trousers paired with Veneda Carter’s popular patent leather Timberland boots.

Vava’s exclusive fashion line

Vava’s designs are not available for public purchase and are exclusive to Drake and his inner circle, including NBA star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and artists like Lil Yachty. The brand’s signature pieces, like the Immortal Varsity leather jacket, have been showcased by Drake in music videos, adding to the label’s mystique.

The mystery behind Vava

The identity of Vava’s designer remains a closely guarded secret, with speculation pointing to Domenico Formichetti, given his connection to the brand’s limited social media presence. Vava’s exclusivity and the enigmatic aura surrounding its operations have only fueled more interest in the brand.

Drake’s fashion influence and speculations

Drake’s oversized trousers have not only captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts but have also been linked to the ongoing rap discourse, with some fans drawing parallels between his outfit and Kendrick Lamar’s album cover look. While these comparisons may be coincidental, they add another layer to the cultural conversation surrounding Drake’s fashion choices.

Whether Vava will eventually cater to the public remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: Drake’s big pants look is set to be a costume hit, reflecting his influence on both music and fashion trends. As the hip-hop community continues to watch Drake’s style evolution, Vava remains a brand to watch, with its future releases eagerly anticipated by music and fashion fans alike.

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