Department of Buildings issues partial vacate order at another parking garage in Hell’s Kitchen

NEW YORK — Another parking garage in Hell’s Kitchen has been ordered to partially vacate and to tell its customers to remove their cars.

It comes as the Department of Buildings continues its ramped-up inspections following April’s deadly parking garage collapse.

Paula Marra pulled her car up to the Skyline Hotel parking garage at 721 10th Ave., near West 49th Street, where she frequently parks, only to learn the garage was issued a partial vacate order by the DOB, which deemed the garage to be in a severe state of disrepair and overloaded.

“After you told me this, I’m scared. I’m going to go home and research this,” Marra said, adding when asked if the information would change her mind about parking there, “Yes, absolutely.”

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On Thursday, the DOB says it re-inspected the garage that was previously cited for unsafe conditions and found structural problems with both the cellar and the first floor. It also found the parking garage was filled beyond its maximum capacity.

CBS New York has learned 115 cars are allowed on the cellar floor, but 162 were parked there. Also, 30 cars are allowed on the 1st floor, but 70 were found by inspectors.

CBS New York asked a parking attendant why cars are still being allowed to park inside. He said only a section of the structure is closed, and the garage is still operational.

“This garage has three sections, A, B and M. They close only section B,” the attendant said.

The DOB said it ordered the garage to notify customers to begin removing cars from the areas deemed unsafe.

“I guess I can say I’m glad I’m not in the garage. Just my car is. So, I’ll wait out here for the car to be pulled out. Then I guess we’ll be okay,” one driver said.

Last week, the Hudson View Garage just up the street at 524 W. 51st St. was also ordered to vacate. It sits above train tracks and as a precaution Amtrak suspended service for several days.

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The DOB has been ramping up inspections citywide since a Lower Manhattan parking garage collapsed back in April that killed a parking attendant and forcing nearby buildings to evacuate.

Back at West 49th Street, the DOB said it has not found any evidence that the garage is posing any danger to neighboring buildings or train tracks underground. The department is continuing to monitor the situation.

CBS New York reached out to Icon Parking in regards to this latest vacate order, but did not hear back.

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