Coterie New York: A Confluence of Fashion, Sustainability, and Technology

Mark your calendars for the return of Coterie New York, a significant platform for contemporary women’s apparel, footwear, and accessory brands. This bi-annual international trade event, with roots stretching back to the 1980s, is set to reconvene from February 20 to February 22. The forthcoming edition, spearheaded by the newly appointed Vice President Purvi Kanji, is poised to navigate the fashion industry through its three guiding pillars: sustainability, community, and technology.

Evolution from a Small Gathering to an Industry Titan

Coterie New York began as a modest assembly within the venerable confines of the Plaza Hotel. Today, it has matured into an industry titan, providing a robust platform for fashion brands worldwide. This evolution is not only a testament to the unwavering commitment to fashion, but it also reflects the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the industry itself.

Technology Takes the Runway

In the upcoming event, technology is set to take center stage. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the highlighted aspects of this edition. The event will feature AI bots and a dedicated Technology Lounge, focusing on the transformative role AI plays in the fashion industry. This innovative approach not only aligns with the industry’s digital pivot but also underscores the undeniable synergy between technology and fashion.

Emphasizing Sustainability and Community

Another pillar of this edition is sustainability. Coterie is partnering with Hey Social Good and Arcadia Earth to promote sustainable brands and practices, underlining the industry’s commitment to responsible fashion. The event will also feature a new section, Apr├Ęs Ski at Coterie, specifically dedicated to cold-weather fashion.

Community building forms the final pillar of the event. Over 30 percent of exhibiting brands will be international, fostering a sense of global community. This emphasis on community building provides invaluable networking opportunities and fosters connections that can propel brands into new markets.

Purvi Kanji’s Vision for Coterie

Purvi Kanji, who assumed the role of Vice President in December 2023, brings a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry to Coterie New York. Her experience in brand building and understanding of the wholesale business are central to Coterie’s vision. She advises emerging designers to know their business, be clear on their vision, and build strong networks, encapsulating the overarching ethos of Coterie New York.

As Coterie New York prepares to unfold its February edition, the anticipation within the industry is palpable. Stakeholders await an event that promises to showcase the latest trends, innovative technologies, and sustainable practices, all while fostering a robust international community.

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