Adam Schefter walks back Mike Zimmer-Cowboys report after Rex Ryan callout

The defensive coordinator drama in Dallas has taken another fascinating turn.

On “The Pat McAfee Show” on Monday, McAfee played the clip from Sunday in which ESPN insider Adam Schefter announced that Mike Zimmer would be the next defensive coordinator of the Cowboys, and Rex Ryan, who has interviewed for the job, disputed the report that this was a done deal.

McAfee asked Schefter if he and Ryan had talked before the segment, what Ryan meant when he disputed the report and how sure the insider is that Zimmer is getting the job.

“You guys are not the only ones surprised by that, right?” Schefter said.

“I hear that, and I’m like ‘What the heck?’”

Schefter said that even though Ryan is his colleague, the former Jets and Bills head coach has not always been truthful with him in his reporting endeavors.

Rex Ryan has interviewed for the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator job. Getty Images

Schefter relayed a story from last year where he broached the idea with Ryan that he was in talks about the defensive coordinator job on Sean Payton’s Broncos staff, Ryan said that it was “nothing”, and then Jay Glazer broke the news for Fox Sports that Ryan was interviewing for the role.

“Let’s fast-forward to this year — we have meetings, we go over what the topics are going to be. People know. There’s no surprises,” Schefter said.

“I knew, from speaking to various people in Las Vegas this week — they didn’t like Rex. They loved Rex. Jerry Jones, when he got done listening to Rex, was like, ‘I am ready to run through a wall for that guy.’”

At this point, Schefter walked back his report from the previous day.

“Rex said what he said. He opened it up. I’m going to finish it right now. And I love Rex,” he said.

“Mike Zimmer’s deal is not done yet, so they have reached out to Rex subsequent to that, and they reached out to him 15 minutes before that segment, to say, ‘Hey, any shot at this?’ So that’s where the confusion came. The deal’s not done with Zimmer yet.”

Ryan has been working for ESPN since the Bills parted ways with him following the 2016 NFL season.

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