5 Best fashion shows at New York Fashion Week 2024

The New York Fashion Week occurs twice a year and in that time, the city transforms into a vibrant show of artistic creativity, glamour, genius innovations, and enthralling creations.

As the season unfolds, rising stars and iconic designers alike come under the spotlight, becoming the stars of the show as their visionary productions take center stage, leaving the audience spellbound with their ideas for future fashion.

From renowned fashion powerhouses to traditional fashion breakaways, each show at the New York Fashion Week 2024 has provided exciting perspectives, redefining trends and breaking boundaries.

Helmut Lang, and 4 other best fashion shows at New York Fashion Week 2024

1. Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim is an eponymous brand that was founded in 2005, and is renowned for its classic combination of American sportswear with Asian touches. The brand has gained recognition for its clean modern tailoring and unwavering commitment to quality, gathering fans and loyalists amongst celebrities and fashion-forward individuals.

Phillip Lim presented their New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter collection titled “New York Stories.” The collection was the brand’s love letter to his adopted city and it featured a mix of classic and trendy pieces, celebrating the city’s vibrant energy and inclusivity.

The collection featured reimagined trench coats, flowy skirts, vibrant colors, and oversized blazers all showcased by a diverse cast of models.

2. Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler was founded in 2002 by Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough and since its inception, the brand has grown to be recognized for its use of luxurious fabrics, intricate detailing, innovation, art inspirations, and sophisticated designs.

The brand’s Fall/Winter 2024 presentation expressed their signature styles which included draped dresses made from luxurious fabrics, impeccably tailored suits, and pops of colors in unexpected areas.

The New York Fashion Week show gave off effortless elegance, timeless aesthetics, and quiet sophistication, leaving the audience enthralled with the show’s balance of innovation and style.

3. Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang is the eponymous fashion label created by Helmut Lang, the Austrian fashion designer in 1986. The brand is recognized for its minimalist and visually intimidating designs which include slim suits, monochromatic colorways made from high tech fabrics.

The brand’s New York Fashion Week Show, named “Protection Vs. Projection,” featured white screens contributing to the hazy aesthetic with models decked out in oversized suits, faux fur, flowy gowns, pointy-toed boots, and cutout blouses.

4. Puma

Puma is a fashion powerhouse when it comes to sports and athletic wear. The German brand was founded in 1948 and since its inception, has risen to great heights in the world of performance apparel, lifestyle clothing, and streetwear.

The brand has gained a high number of fans and loyalists due to its collaborations with top-notch designers and celebrities. The brand unveiled its Fall/Winter collection titled “Mostrow Show” in a groundbreaking way.

Instead of the usual runway format, the brand decided to unveil its collection using an energetic performance spectacle featuring dancers, models, and athletes that showcased the brand’s colorful, bold, and playful streetwear fashion collection.

5. Anna Sui

Anna Sui is one of the most celebrated fashion designers of her time. Sui was named one of the top 5 designers of 2010 and earned the Geoffrey Beenee Lifetime Achievement award by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, held by the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren.

The designer’s New York Fashion Week 2024 show veered from the conventional runway setting as this season’s show was set in a library and the models strutted down the the makeshift runway in vintage clothing.

The collection featured orange tweeds, flower print jackets, rugby striped tees, silver sequin pants, and net tanks among others.

These shows exuded the creativity that New York Fashion Week is known for, captivating the attendees with designs that leave an indelible impression.

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